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Great Valley School District Education Foundation is pleased to offer scholarships, dual enrollment and charitable donations.


As a community partner, GVSDEF believes it is essential to recognize and empower high school graduates who strive to continue their education. We understand that not all students have the same opportunity to engage in extra-curricular activities to support scholarship opportunities; however, that should not limit their ability to seek and obtain financial assistance for higher education.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

If you are a graduating senior who is planning on attending community college, university, or technical/trade school, you are invited to apply for a $1500 GVSDEF grant. 

  1. Enrollment in community college, university, or technical/trade school in 2024. 

  2. Consistently met the academic requirements of the GVSD. 

  3. Exemplified good school citizenship.

  4. Helped support your family during high school. 

  5. Have financial need to support your college education.

Selection Criteria: 

Scholarships are awarded based on a variety of criteria such as GPA, field of study, financial need, challenges overcome, school activities, community service or extracurricular activity participation.

Dual Enrollment

GVSD Educations Foundation is proud to partner with the Great Valley School District to help fund Dual Enrollment for high school students.

Dual enrollment is when a student takes a college course while enrolled in both high school and college. Dual enrollment allows students to complete college-level coursework and earn college credits. Dual enrollment offers rigorous courses and provides an introduction to and preparation for college life and expectations. These programs offer an accelerated pathway through college that saves students time and money.

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