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Scholarship Guidelines

The Goal of the program is to provide financial assistance to graduating Great Valley School District (GVSD) high school seniors and is available for all post-secondary programs (4-year college and university, community college, technical, trade, law enforcement and military career choices).

How to Apply

Interested students can obtain a scholarship application from the GVHS counseling office.

To apply for a GVSDEF scholarship, please submit the following to the high school counseling office: A completed scholarship application. A sample is included as an addendum to this document.

  • Two short essays/personal statements approximately 150-250 words each:

    • Essay 1 – Describe a personal challenge or adversity you have faced. What was its impact on you and how were you able to overcome it?

    • Essay 2 – Describe your future academic pursuit. Why have you chosen this field of study and what do you hope to accomplish?


  • Two letters of recommendation, one should be from a teacher and one from a non-teacher, who knows the student and can speak about their character exclusive of their school life. Examples could include a supervisor at a part-time job, clergy, coach, neighbor, scout leader, etc.


All completed applications must be submitted to the high school counseling office by the deadline established by the counseling office.

For more information about GVSDEF Scholarships, email us at:
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