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Good Neighbor Program

The GVSDEF Good Neighbor Program mission is to provide temporary financial support to actively enrolled GVSD students and their families experiencing financial hardship. Through the GNP, the Foundation helps to ensure that no child's educational journey is hindered due to a lack of resources. By providing discretionary resources and fostering community collaboration, the program creates a nurturing and supportive environment where all Great Valley students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

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Program Components: 
  • Bridge Cards: Good Neighbor Program provides discretionary funds to principals, empowering them to meet the unexpected needs of students. The program aims to bridge the gap in resources and create an inclusive educational environment that promotes the well-being and success of all children.

  • Partner Collaboration: Good Neighbor Program establishes partnerships with local businesses, retailers, and community organizations to secure the grocery gift cards. By engaging with the community, the program not only provides resources to students but also encourages businesses to contribute to the educational development of GVSD students.

  • Principal's Discretion: The principals play a pivotal role in administering the resources to students. They have the flexibility to utilize the funds based on the individual needs of students, ensuring the most impactful use of resources. This discretion empowers the principals to act swiftly and provide immediate support to vulnerable children.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Good Neighbor Program maintains a robust monitoring and evaluation system to ensure transparency and accountability. Regular check-ins with principals, feedback from teachers, and surveys among students and parents help assess the effectiveness of the program and make necessary improvements.

  • Community Engagement: The program actively involves parents, community members, and volunteers to participate in events and initiatives that support the underprivileged children. This community engagement fosters a sense of belonging and collective responsibility towards improving the lives of disadvantaged students.

Bridge Cards

The GVSDEF sponsors "Bridge Cards" for school administrators to use for emergent needs of students. The objective is to provide more localized, real-time and school-specific funding needs that fall within the overall mission of the Foundation and Good Neighbor Program.  The benefits of this ‘bottom-up’, more localized approach include:

  • Efficient access to, and flexible spending of GNP funds to support time sensitive resource needs.

  • Ongoing communication with school Principals and administration, supporting stronger organizational relationships and more effective understanding of school and district-wide strategic funding needs.

  • Real world, data driven insights into school-specific financial needs to inform more strategic support discussions.

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