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Educator's Guide to Venture Grants

Welcome to our Venture Grants resource page. Here you will find information and forms for the Great Valley School District Education Foundation Venture Grants program. We look forward to working with you!


The purpose of the Venture Grant program is to be the incubator of innovative ideas that integrate with the educational experience. The Foundation works collaboratively with the school district administration to ensure that grants satisfy a set of criteria.

The Venture Grant application is a two-step process. Applicants must first complete a Letter of Intent (LOI). Once the school district administrators and the Venture Grant Committee approve a LOI, the applicant will be invited, in writing, to complete a Grant Application. It is possible that an LOI does not meet the administration’s evaluation criteria; therefore, the applicant will not be invited to complete a grant application. In this case, the applicant and supervisor will be notified, in writing, with an  explanation of the decision.

Eligible Grant Applicants – Teachers, administrators, and other personnel of GVSD.

Eligible Grant Applications – Projects that will be considered include activities and/or
services that meet the Funding Priorities of the GVSDEF and align with the goals as defined in
the district’s Comprehensive Plan.

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